The National Autistic Society

TUKE Productions made this video for The National Autistic Society to raise awareness of autism and the amazing work of The National Autistic Society do. The launch of the video coincided with National Autism week and helped their message reach thousands of people on Facebook, Twitter and Likedin.

Vlogging worked for The National Autistic Society and can work for you too.

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The Script:

Hello, I’m Kevin I’m thirty years old I was diagnosed with autism when I was twelve years old. I’m currently a volunteer buddy with The National Autistic Society.

What I want the public to know about autism is that it’s not a one size fits all thing. Everyone with autism is different, people are at different ends of the spectrum, I can cope things that other people can not.

The social groups are for people with autism it help people gain more confidence in themselves and talking to each others. I think they feel more at ease with themselves and other people with autism. There was a boy in a group that had never used a train before but since being in the group he’s a far greater intendant traveller.

Specifically NAS has helped me gain more confidence in myself and helped employability skills. This has helped me greatly with talking to other people and I’ve certainly gained a few jobs thanks to NAS.