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tUKe Productions was set up in 2006 by Dom O’Neill a Professional Content Creator. tUKe Productions helps businesses create 60 second web videos for web sites and social media platforms plus we help companies to broadcast live on Twitter and Facebook.

tUKe Productions also provide broadcast support for TV programmes and Live Events. Dom is an experienced and reliable Show-Caller, Floor Manager and Stage Manager with 15 years media experience specialising in live TV programmes and events (studio, stage and OB’s).

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Dom is am experienced and reliable Content Creator and TV Floor Manager with 15 years professional experience specialising in TV programmes and live events. A solid and diverse body of work has enabled Dom to build excellent communication, budget management, client liaison, negotiation, project and people management skills. In his career Dom has experience in a wide range of shoot formats from multi-camera live studio shows to location SCU shoots. I have excellent local knowledge of filming in Glasgow and Scotland plus I have filmed all over the UK and Europe.


  • 2:1, BA (Hon) Media production – University of Northumbria 2003 to 2006
  • Pass, MA Radio Production (and Management) – University of Sunderland 2011 to 2012

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  • Vast experience of successfully working with big name talent, actors, extras, VIP’s and Royalty.
  • Experienced at managing crowds of extras and cuing accordingly
    Managing script and time-sheet print runs and distributing amendment as and when necessary
  • Setting call times, creating call sheets / running orders & communicating info to crew
  • Managing make up and costume fittings and calls during filming
    FM, AFM and AD experience on large scale multi-camera scripted studio shoots
  • Experienced in managing political aids, security, party members and journalists
    Managing talent and crew – communicating, note taking and cueing crew, presenters and actors
  • Manage talent and crew rehearsals, equipment testing and action props checking
    Liaising with location staff and representatives to ensure the shoot runs smoothly and to time
  • Communicating safety briefings to crew, contributors and members of the public
    Breaking down scripts and organising / running script and production meetings with crew / execs
  • Editing scripts as requested and informing all cast and crew of script changes
    Working with crew and contributors to create an efficient yet safe working environment
  • Making announcements both for crew via headsets and for the audience via PA systems
  • Mic-ing contributors with radio mics and hand-held mic wrangling for audience questions
  • Building /de-rigging stages / sets, hanging fabric backgrounds and hanging screens/monitors
  • Experience in handling Non EU travel carnets and working in multiple European countries
    PREVIOUS PRODUCTION CREDITS:Floor Manager / Stage Manager:
  • All Over the Place: USA, Europe & Asia – CBBC Scotland
  • Football Focus on the Road (2015 to date) – BBC Sport, Salford
  • Match of the Day & FA Cup Highlights Show (2015 to date) – BBC Sport, Salford
  • World Gymnastic Championships, Glasgow – BBC Sport, Salford
  • WSL Football – Intake Media / BT Sport / BBC Sport, Salford
  • The Absolutely Radio Show – Gusman productions / Absolutely / BBC Radio 4
  • Children in Need Live Ops (2011 to date) – BBC North East & Cumbria
  • Sunday Politics Debates (2012 to date) – BBC North East & Cumbria
  • Look North Hot Seats (2012 to date) – BBC North East & Cumbria
  • Sirens Netball (2016-17 season) – Woosh Productions / tUKe Productions
  • An Experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger – EICC / Olexy Productions
  • The Dog Ate My Homework (series 3 & 4) – CBBC Scotland
  • Shaw Trust: RI World Conference 2016 – EICC Productions
  • Skyscanner Conference’s (2014 to date) – EICC Productions
  • 2017 Scottish Thistle Awards – EICC Productions / Visit Scotland
  • 2017 Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Awards – EICC Productions
  • SpiFox 2016 – EICC Productiona

Drama Assistant Director / AFM:

  • SM / AFM, BBC Scotland Comedy Shorts (filmed at River City) – BBC Scotland Comedy
  • AFM, Bob Servant (Series 2) – BBC Scotland Comedy
  • 1st AD, The Last Battle of the Vikings (re-enactment documentary) – BBC Scotland, Factual
  • 1st AD, Silly Billy (short film) – tUKe Productions European
  • 1st AD, Toil (short film) – tUKe Productions European
  • 1st AD, Penrose (short film) – tUKe Productions European
  • AFM, Mrs Browns Boy’s (series 1 to 4) – BBC Scotland Comedy
  • AFM, Mountain Goats (Series 2) – BBC Scotland Comedy
  • 3rd AD, The Old Guys (Series 1 & 2) – BBC Scotland Comedy
  • 3rd AD, The Wake (Short film) – BBC Scotland
  • 3rd AD, Behind Closed Doors (short film) – BBC Scotland
  • 3rd AD, Ms Caruther’s Goes to Babylon (short film) – BBC Scotland
  • 3rd AD, Alex  (short film) – Northern Film and Media / Third Films
  • 3rd AD, Narrow Gauge (Short Film) – Hopscotch Films
  • 3rd AD, Trip (short film) – Northern Film and Media / UK film Council / Yipp Films
  • 3rd AD, Perfect to Begin (short film) – Northern Film and Media / Bridge and Tunnel
    Production Assistant, Lip Service Series 1 – Kudos Lip Service Productions
  • BBC Production Health & Safety
  • BBC Working with Children
  • BBC Safe Handling of Audiences
  • Designated 1st Aider
  • Full driving licence
  • BBC drivers declaration number
  • Experienced in UK & EU driving (inc Box van & 9 seater vehicles