How to Build Trust with your Audience

Hollywood has taught us that bad guys hang out in the shadows. So, if your videos are dark people will automatically distrust you it’s true, so keep your videos nice and bright and nice and light and your audience will trust you more.

This video was filmed by Dom O’Neill – The Vlogging Guy from and filmed at the Vlogify Gren Screen Studio in Glasgow, Scotland.


Why You Need a Strong Call to Action

Did you know that if you have a video with a call to action such as “call us now for a free quote” people are up to 80% more likely to do that if they see it in a video, rather than reading it on your website.

This video was filmed by Dom O’Neill – The Vlogging Guy from and was filmed in the Vlogify Green Screen Studio.


Want to Save Time & Money?

Filming on location is very expensive, that’s why having a green screen can be really helpful, you can appear to be where ever you want, with any background you want but from the comfort of your office or studio. Also the beauty of green screen is that it really pops out of the page and is very attention seeking which is what it’s all about on social media at the moment.

This video was filmed by The Vlogging Guy from at the Vlogify Green Screen Studio in Glasgow, Scotland.

Keep You Audience Watching

Did you know that if you have subtitles on your video. Yep, that’s these little words below me (on screen), people will watch your video 12 times longer on Facebook according to Facebook’s own data.

This video was filmed by Dom O’Neill – The Vlogging Guy from

LMN Princess Parties

No matter your business sector you can use video makerketing to promote your sevices and reach new customers.

Just like this video (formerly TUKE) made for LMN Princess Parties.

Video Script:

Want to book a special day for your little Princess?

We are Lisa, Mia & Natalie

We host parties for little Princesses in our fully equipped salon.

We are fully trained Make Up Artists, Hairdressers and Nail Technicians.

We offer great value and tailor packages to suit you.

We want to give your Princess memories that will last forever.”

Video for LMN Princess Parties Scotland by TUKE Productions

Clockwise Offices Glasgow

Want to grab your customers attention on Facebook? Do you want to keep their attention? You need a professional photo montage video!

What makes a great office? Watch this video TUKE Productions made for Clockwise Offices in Glasgow. This short and informative video jumps out above the the Facebook and LikedIn chatter and draws customers into its message.

Photo montage videos work really well on social media, they tell simple stories in an eye catching and engaging way.

Call 0141 212 2539 to see what TUKE Productions can do for you.

The National Autistic Society

TUKE Productions made this video for The National Autistic Society to raise awareness of autism and the amazing work of The National Autistic Society do. The launch of the video coincided with National Autism week and helped their message reach thousands of people on Facebook, Twitter and Likedin.

Vlogging worked for The National Autistic Society and can work for you too.

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The Script:

Hello, I’m Kevin I’m thirty years old I was diagnosed with autism when I was twelve years old. I’m currently a volunteer buddy with The National Autistic Society.

What I want the public to know about autism is that it’s not a one size fits all thing. Everyone with autism is different, people are at different ends of the spectrum, I can cope things that other people can not.

The social groups are for people with autism it help people gain more confidence in themselves and talking to each others. I think they feel more at ease with themselves and other people with autism. There was a boy in a group that had never used a train before but since being in the group he’s a far greater intendant traveller.

Specifically NAS has helped me gain more confidence in myself and helped employability skills. This has helped me greatly with talking to other people and I’ve certainly gained a few jobs thanks to NAS.

Branded Photography

Humans are visual creatures. A large percentage of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing and this is why we all love viewing and sharing photos on social media. Images grab our attention and we are immediately drawn to them


A picture that includes copy will help tell a story, sell an item and build your brand quickly and efficiently. Plus photos with graphic copy generate loads of shares and comments on social media.


tUKe Productions can create bespoke photos with captions to help promote your business, prouct or event online and on social media. Call us on 07790281012 for a quote.

Web Video Success – Get in Early Beat the Competition

The digital world and social media demands quality and engaging video content from you and your business. We no longer have a choice if we want to create web videos and Vlogs or not. Our customers are expecting and demanding them.

When it comes to digital success you need to get in early to beat the competition! Vlogging and web videos are already a major part of very successful digital media strategies. Do it for free or pay a pro like me, either way this 60 second web video tells you why you need to start vlogging right now!

Watch the Vlog hosted by Professional Content Creator Dom O’Neill from tUKe Productions (Glasgow, Scotland).

How Long is Too Long for a Video on Twitter?


2017 is the year of business web videos and Vlogs on social media! That includes the likes of Facebook and of course Twitter. On the Vlog today Professional Content Creator Dom O’Neill from Glasgow based Content Creation Company tUKe Productions answers the question how long is too long for a video on Twitter? It’s a surprisingly simple answer but you might be surprised.